September 12th, 2018


For those interested in installing laminate flooring, now is the ideal time to do so. Market reports indicate that the cost of laminate flooring is cheaper than ever before. However, even though laminate flooring is cheap, many people forgo this as an option because they are unsure of how to clean and care for the product. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to clean laminate flooring so that you can keep the floors of your home shining brightly.

1) Begin By Moving Furniture And Using A Microfiber Dust Mop

When cleaning a laminate floor, the first thing you’ll need to do is move all of the furniture out of the way. You want to ensure that you clean all of your floors, not just the parts that are visible. This helps protect the entire surface. Imagine if a few years down the road you wish to change the layout of a room? You do not want to have spots on the floor that are visibly worn or battered.

Once you’ve moved the furniture, clean the surface with a microfiber dust mop, which will help protect the floor from scratches. When doing so, brush the broom in the same direction of the planks. This ensures you remove dust and debris hidden deep within the crevices between your laminate boards. Once complete, use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove dust from corners and other areas that are hard to reach.

2) Apply Laminate Cleaner

After you’ve removed dirt from your floor, you can apply a laminate cleaner. Be sure to buy soap explicitly dedicated to laminate floors. You do not want to use any of the following products:

  • Mops
  • Shine Products
  • Tile Cleaner
  • Wax or Polish

If you use any of these products on your floor, you can ruin the surface and risk voiding your warranty. Once you’ve secured the correct cleaning solution, wipe down your floors thoroughly by applying the solution to your microfiber brush. Don’t overdo it. You’ll be surprised at how little cleaning solution is necessary to clean the surface.

3) Use A Towel To Dry Your Floors

After you’ve cleaned the surface, you need to dry the floors thoroughly before replacing the furniture. If moisture seeps into the cracks of your flooring, you risk warping or bubbling. Additionally, allowing water to dry on the boards causes water spots. Use a towel to wipe down the floor and then it to air-dry completely.

Have Your Floors Cleaned Professionally

Laminate flooring is an investment in your home. If you care for your flooring, the material can last for years. One of the best ways to clean your laminate flooring is to hire professionals.