May 11th, 2020

Home Design

3 Amazing Benefits of Having A Breakfast Nook At Home


Informal and fun, breakfast nooks are small dining areas usually situated in the kitchen meant for intimate yet fuss-free meals. If you enjoy having conversations over morning coffee or preparing casual brunches on Sunday mornings, a breakfast nook would be an amazing addition to your kitchen. A real treat for any homeowner, well-designed breakfast nooks can bring life and warmth to any dull kitchen. In this article, we have listed three benefits you can get when you have a cozy breakfast nook at home.


What’s The Rush? Indulge In Your Meals

There is no joy in eating a cold breakfast burrito while you’re rushing to work or school. Enjoying the most important meal of the day is an important step in preparing yourself for the long day ahead. While some people can afford this luxury, some can’t be bothered to make a fuss in the dining room and just bolt out the door.


A little breakfast nook right inside your kitchen is an excellent compromise for people who are always on the go. With an informal dining setup in that area, you can prepare meals and serve them as soon as you’re done. Sit back for a second, savor your meal, and begin the day feeling full and present.


Experience Intimate Dining

Whether you’re one half of a young couple, a mom of five, or a single person who enjoys entertaining at home, there’s nothing as satisfying as having an intimate conversation over a home-cooked meal. Compact and reminiscent of the booths in a cozy restaurant, breakfast nooks are made for those who want to enjoy other people’s company as much as they enjoy their meals.


A Pop Of Color

If you’re planning to go for a formal and polished design for your home’s dining area and kitchen, a breakfast nook is a good way to add a touch of fun to your dining experience and a pop of color to your home. Don’t be afraid to release your creativity. An informal dining area allows you to explore interesting, colorful patterns and fabrics that can bring any drab kitchen to life. You can also show off your home decorating skills by using string lights, wall art, or even your own flower arrangements. Breakfast nooks are also much easier to redesign than traditional dining rooms, giving you the option to change the area’s overall look whenever you feel like it.


A breakfast nook is one of many clever ways to inject a little personality into your home design, and it will surely make your home dining experience much more wonderful. Interested in having your own breakfast nook but don’t know how to make it work with your home design? Let Design Basics help your vision come to life. Design Basics provides clients with stylized home plans designed for a wide range of configurations. Sign up today to gain access to our online home plan database to make your dream home a reality.