April 24th, 2020

Home Design

A home’s design is more than just a facade that homeowners and visitors can admire. It can be the make-or-break factor for the house to feel like a true home to its residents. Designers have gone beyond form to ensure that functionality in the layout and look goes beyond logistics.

In the case of multi-family houses, it involves deep-seated issues, such as providing a safe environment for one’s mental health, as well as providing a space to cultivate socialization. When thinking of your 

Designing For Socialization 

Gone are the days when people are simply expected to move out once they become adults. Transforming lifestyles and living conditions, as well as the acknowledgement of socialization as a big factor in better well-being have shaped the way families and small circles function. 

More than the prestige of a big house, some homeowners are now looking towards building a community. This can also be attributed to more people who are breaking from the traditional family building path. Some may prefer to live with friends, whereas others build a community with extended family members, practices that can benefit from following a multi-family housing plan.

Designing For The Future

Most couples who build their dream homes are more likely to consider the here and now. They may allot plans for additional rooms for when the family grows. They may even think far ahead, such as when their kids will leave to make their own nests.

Yet one trend that has not been thoroughly considered is the possibility of using their current house as a bigger nest. Between the trend of millennials and the younger generation moving back in due to high costs of living and the growing appeal of living home together, this new trend may be a better path to pursue.

Multi-family homes have become appealing because it allows for expansion when it is needed. In the event that this is not the path that your family takes later on, your multi-family house can be converted into a good investment of its own.

Designing For a Potential Investment

With land and property now one of the most important commodities due to their cost and their scarcity, it is important to always build for a bigger purpose. Some homeowners make the mistake of sticking only with their tastes when they think of their home’s design. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, there is a tendency to forget the potential resale value.

Homes, whether they are made for multi-families or single individuals, will always have the potential to be your future investment. When it comes to housing, renting will always be an option, as less property becomes available. Thus, if you already own a piece of property, it’s good to keep in mind that a more flexible design, such as allowing for more tenants in a particular space, may be a more ideal way to design your home.

If you are thinking of adjusting your home plans to be more future-forward and flexible, it’s best to tap a design firm that understands the industry’s trends. Design Basics upholds a history of both experience and design sensibilities tailor-fit to the needs of the local market. Check out some of their home plans and designs and get in touch to begin drafting plans for your multi-family home.