February 25th, 2020

Home Design

This year is going to be calm, cool, and collected—at least within your living space. With the Pantone color of 2020 being the tried and timeless classic blue, it seems like this will be the perfect time for homeowners to try their hand on safe but fun change-ups to their interiors.

Bring in the sea or bring down a deeper color of the sky down into your house and your walls. Follow these three easy steps to keep your house on-point with the color trend, without having to overhaul your home’s flow. 

Contrasting Colors in White Or Beige Spaces

Wabi-sabi became big in 2019, especially with the beauty of neutrals bringing a soothing atmosphere to living rooms and bedrooms all around. If you are not yet ready to part with your rattan furniture, distressed wooden tables, and earthen pots, inject a dash of blue in the main furniture. 

Switch up your sofa covers with distressed blues. For cabinets, painting the inside walls with blue can set off the white or beige frame and give it a refreshed feel. Best of all, you won’t have to spend for new shelves—just tap a professional home renovator or painter to ensure the quality of the outcome.

Focal Color In a Neutral Bedroom

Depending on the classic blue treatment you use in your living space, it can be breezy accents or a dramatic fair for major pieces. If you want to keep it light in areas like the kitchen and living space where the traffic is heaviest, try to execute major changes in the bedroom. The beauty of a moody color is you can create a mood wall with a single focal color.

Set off your bed against the deep hues of a classic blue. This splash of blue will work perfectly well in a room that has neutral tones; one change can bring an entirely new mood. Plus, you do not even need to change up much in your existing space.

Main Pop of Color in a Sea of Colors

A common assumption in design is that a pop of color just means one color. While it is not pleasing to the eye to have too many colors clashing for your attention, that does not mean you just need to choose one color in a space filled with neutrals and grays. The beauty of classic blue is that it is in itself a shade that can blend well into neutral territory.

Make it act as both an accent and an anchor color in a space. If you own colorful art and tapestries, there is no need to hang them down for this year. Switch chair furnishings to a catchy classic blue and let this float in the foreground of your living space. The colors in your artwork or throw pillows can be quirky statements that are set off by the regal blue. 

There are many ways to have fun with the classic blue color. Whether you want to put enough flair for a makeover or keep things light and simple, putting blue into one’s interiors is easy. Just remember to call Design Basics, to ensure that all of the finishes and furnishings will be properly applied and matched to this year’s timeless color.