January 16th, 2020

Home Design

Many of us want a custom home that showcases all the features we want and more. One of the bigger aspects of the home's design we typically spend time on is the master bedroom closet. Who doesn't want a grand master bedroom closet to start your day the right way?

If it is time to design and customize your new bedroom closet, then we have a few things to remember as you walk through the process.

Shelves and Drawers

You are probably already well aware that there are several items in your wardrobe that you simply can't just hang up in a closet. For these items, you want to plan for shelves and drawers. Make sure that the shelves are different heights to accommodate your different items and to better organize everything.

You can even incorporate some lower shelves where you can place baskets for miscellaneous items or even your shoes. Drawers are another great way to organize essentials like your socks and scarves and other non-hanging items that you may want to be hidden away.

Install a Bench

The closet is the place you visit each morning to find what you are going to wear for that day. If this is a place you find that you often get ready, then you should consider installing a bench or even a mirror to help you.

Accessory Storage

What about all your jewelry and other accessories? Make sure to plan for an adequate storage area for these items as well so they are within arm's reach as you get ready each morning.

Storage Space

With any closet, storage space is essential. We experience different seasons throughout the year, and so there are some clothing items we don't always need to have readily available. These items would do better in storage until they are needed again.

So, with that in mind, plan on storage space in the closet so you can still have easy access to the items when you do need them, but they don't impede on the items you use every day.

For example, you don't want to fight through hanger after hanger or sundresses and t-shirts if it is winter. You don’t want to waste valuable time searching for that sweater, so when the seasons change along with your wardrobe, the storage in the closet should change as well to reflect this.

Bottom Line

When creating the master bedroom closet of your dreams, it is important to keep your own needs and preferences in mind. Some people may not find a need for a bench, but if you spend a lot of your time in the morning planning out your day and what you are going to wear, then you may find that a bench is a welcomed addition.

For more ideas on closet storage and what you have to do to achieve your biggest closet dreams, then contact Design Basics today for more information.