February 14th, 2020

Home Design

If you’re looking to give your interior a makeover for the new decade, we have some good news. The biggest trend in 2020 is anything goes, which means there is no better time to break out your creativity and really embrace your personal style with your home. However this “anything goes” approach doesn’t give you much to be inspired by, and many are looking for a starting point they can use to spark their own creativity in a concrete way.

Breaking down the biggest trends of 2020 will give you something to start out with, and something you can use to come up with your own ideas to be turned into reality in your home.

The Top 4 Trends To Pay Attention To In 2020 

Starting with a handful of trends is likely just what you’re looking for to spark your own inspiration. The top 4 trends to pay attention to in 2020 for your interior design are:

1. Uniquely you – The single biggest trend in 2020 is going “uniquely you”. This means mixing metals if you like mixing metals, using sustainable materials and unique textures, and playing with color like never before. Gone are the days of going with a neutral color palette and sticking with one style of furnishings, and instead we’re seeing spaces that are just as unique as those who enjoy them. To embrace this trend, start out with a statement pieces you cannot get enough of, and take it from there.

2. Timeless looks – Rather than dating a space with specific pieces that speak to a specific time, we’re looking at timelessness as a huge trend for 2020. Going along with the eco-conscious trend, these timeless looks will grow with your home as the years go on.

3. European farmhouse – Country chic is changing, and we’re doing away with wooden palettes with cute sayings and chintzy florals. Instead the new country-chic is inspired by the farmhouses of Italy and France, which really combines the timeless trend with a country feeling. You’ll want to mix your patterns, bring in antique décor, and keep things light and airy.

4. Color is the new neutral – The neutrals we know and love, beige, gray, tans, and whites are being set aside in favor of neutrals with a real pop. The new neutral is filled with warmth, it embraces jewel tones, and it creates entirely new palettes to play with in your interior design. To really embrace this trend, start with a mauve or a rich blue and work your color palette from there. 

Creating A Home That Is Uniquely You

Your home should represent you and your family, and it should be a place you can come back to each night that really feels like your space. If you’re looking to make your home more uniquely you, you’re certainly not alone. To learn more, contact us at Design Basics and talk to the pros about making your home your own both today and going forward.