April 17th, 2020

Home Design

Multi-family homes have been taking the residential construction industry by storm as of late.  Why? Well, for starters, the cost of land is getting outrageous these days. Persons can buy smaller lots in having such places built by eliminating side yards. Also, if a real estate investor goes this route, it will limit the number of pricey foundation walls that he or she needs. In other words, they can save some money during the building process.

Additionally, if an individual wishes to purchase and have a multi-family dwelling constructed, they can move into one unit and rent the others out to tenants. Hence, the person will gain a steady source of income to help pay for the initial investment. The funding can be used to pay taxes, maintain the property, or whatever. Who couldn't stand a little extra cash in their pocket? Not many people, that's who.

Regardless of what a person's reasons are for wanting a multi-family home, one of the first steps that they will need to take is finding the perfect plan. That is where our organization comes into play. Several of the designs are going to be discussed right here, so don't go away just yet. Instead, stay put and read on to learn all about them.

1. #8564 Matzen

This plan is for a Craftsman 1-story design, which covers 1,195-square feet. It is a two-family dwelling with each unit measuring 80' wide by 48'-8" deep. Both sides feature 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, and 2-car garages. This multi-family home is a great choice when it comes to storage space. It can also serve well for those who like to entertain. Not to mention, the finished product has plenty of curb appeal. As such, interested parties can't go wrong in picking this selection.

2. Lassiter #29084

The Lassiter plan is a tad bit bigger than the Matzen mentioned above. It measures 1,209-square feet. The entire building is 76' wide, which makes the separate units 38-foot across. Meanwhile, they have a depth of 54'-4". However, this model only comes with 2-bedrooms. The garage will park two, and there are 2-bathrooms as well. This design scores in the middle of our livability scale. Entertaining, storage, flexible living, and de-stressing are all dead even. So, be sure to take a peek at this plan as it may very well be the perfect one to meet your needs.

3. #8574 Forsem

Don't fret if you want something larger; this plan has you covered. The entire building measures 80' wide and 55' deep for a square footage grand total of 2,024. Both sides have 3-bedrooms, 3-bathrooms, 2-car garages. This model is right for anyone that is all about flexible living. However, folks who are looking for extra storage space, de-stressing capabilities, or entertaining may want to check out some of the other designs. Of course, if there is something that an individual wants to change up, he or she can contact us for a no-cost plan alteration quote.

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