December 26th, 2019

Home Design

One of the most common questions we are asked before someone purchases a home plan from us is what comes with the purchase. Smart builders know that a home plan is more than just a layout document, but includes all the valuable construction designs, instructions and notes required to build a fully-functional house. Here is a list of the items included when you purchase a home plan from Design Basics.

1. The Foundation Plan

The foundation plan includes the general design for the home’s foundation. The foundation will show either a slab, crawl space, or basement depending on the design of the home. The plan covers footing layout and where posts and beams are located. It also includes the extent of the slabs depending on the type of foundation you choose.

2. The Floor Plan

The floor plan is everyone’s favorite part of the home plan. It shows exactly where all the rooms will be and their dimensions. It also includes the layout of the doors, windows, and walls.

3. The Roof Plan

The roof plan is the full design of the roof. It typically shows the ridges, valleys, and hips, as well as the slopes of roof surfaces. The roof plan also shows were vents, chimneys, and even decorative items. Sometimes it will make recommendations for roofing materials.

4. The Exterior Elevation Plan

The exterior elevation plan is essentially a multi-page plan for the exterior of the home. Each sheet shows a side of the home. The exterior elevation plan not only shows where the walls, roof, and other elements of the home are located, it also indicates what types of materials to use for the exterior elements.

5. The Building Section Plan

The building section plans are visually very interesting. They are a vertical slice drawing of the home that shows the adjacencies of spaces. For example it will show the relationship of the ground to the house and the roof. It will also give you an idea of the vertical space within the home like the ceiling heights. 

6. The Electrical Plans

A modern home needs power and the electrical plan shows how to install that power. It shows where the outlets, fixtures, and switches are located. It also has the electrical circuit map for the electricians to use.

7. The Construction Notes And Details Plan

This plan is extremely helpful as it is a collection of important notes about the home. These notes can include everything from the foundation to the interior walls to the roof ventilation system. These notes and details are determined important by experienced contractors to share valuable information to the builders of the home.

As you can see, our home plans are truly comprehensive and include everything you could ever need to know before building. At Design Basics, we know how important it is to have all this valuable information when building. That is why we offer the most comprehensive building plans available. That way you’re work will never be held up because of missing information. Call us to learn more about how our plans can help you build homes better.