January 31st, 2020

Home Design

After years of saving up, you finally have enough money to own a house. However, you can’t make up your mind. Choosing the right house is a very big decision. You have to consider a lot of things so you won’t end up with a house that is not suitable for your family’s needs.

No matter what the style is, each house has its own charm. Contrary to what some people think, one-story house plans can be best for families. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a one-story house.

Good for the whole family

No matter how old the members of your family are, a one-story house will be perfect for them. Having no stairs would lessen your worries about safety. Children wouldn’t have to face a dangerous climb up and down the stairs. The same is true for the elderly. Many older people use a walker or wheelchair, so having to use stairs is actually a struggle for them. Having a one-story house will allow every member of your family to go around the house safely and easily.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning the house and doing regular maintenance can be very difficult sometimes. Maintaining the condition of a multiple-story house’s exterior can be a challenge. But if you opt for a single-story house, you can easily access all parts of your house. 

Open floor plans and expandable space

One-story house plans usually have open spaces. Most modern designs put the living room, dining room, and kitchen together. The advantage of large, open spaces is that it provides an area where all family members can spend time together even when they are in other parts of the space because there will be no walls. It will also be easier to expand a one-story house provided that you have a large lot. 

Saves a lot of money

One-story house plans are cheaper to design and maintain. The heating and cooling systems of a one-story house are less complex compared to those in multiple-story houses. Since all rooms are on one floor, the house will also be more energy-efficient. It will be easier for heated or cooled air to flow through the whole house. 

So if you are looking for possible house plans, why don’t you consider one-story house plans? It will be a great choice for you and your family. Consult professionals and turn your dream into reality. You can ask your designer to make higher ceilings and make it look and feel more spacious if you do not want it to seem cramped. 

Here at Design Basics, we understand the importance of making informed decisions. After all, a house is one of the biggest investments for a person. It is not something you can try now and change your mind later. It is a lifelong commitment. Contact us now and learn more about various house plans. Let us help you get a better home plan, a better experience, and a better deal.