December 12th, 2019

Home Design

When the television shows Such as Property Brothers, Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop, homeowners across the nation are jotting down ideas on how to do their own DIY remodel. Those shows make it look so simple. The truth is, most homeowners do not have the tools, staff and money to complete remodels like these shows.

Is Remodeling Worth The Cost Versus Building

It does not matter if you have lived in your home for a week or decades, we all have one part of our home we want to change. There are probably plenty of areas you would like to remodel, such as:

- An outdated kitchen, first choice for most homeowners

Adding another bathroom or bedroom

Building out the basement

Changing the one car garage to two

Electrical wiring as most older homes do not have enough outlets.

There is always something in an older home. Most of us are really not willing to invest the time, money, inconvenience and stress of remodeling. Many homeowners are not capable of some home remodels and are shocked at the prices of professionals. So when you look at that list of “to do’s” perhaps just starting from scratch and building a new home is a better option.  

The Pros Of Building A New Home

If you tend to have a list of remodels, rather than upgrading a home that no longer fits you, consider building a new home. You may feel you do not have the budget to build a new home, but there are several reasons why building is better than remodeling, including:

1. Location: When building your new home you have the option of choosing the location where you want to build, the style you want, the spaces you want and any other extras.

2. Floor Plan: When building a new home you can be the one to determine the long term needs of you and your family. It also allows you to choose the floor plan and flow of the rooms to suit your style. 

3. Energy Efficiency: Older homes are known for having leaks and losing energy through doors, windows and other areas. Due to outdated construction techniques, there can also be some lead or asbestos in the home. With a new home the newest energy efficient homes can save you money long term. 

4. Less Maintenance: Since every element in the home is new and most appliances have warranties, This allows you to live maintenance free for years to come.

5. Smart Home Capabilities: Trying to incorporate smart technology into an older home can be a nightmare. Smart technology can be installed during the instruction and room can be left for expansion.

While we all enjoy the results of renovation shows and think “I can do that”, renovation is not the easy fix to upgrade your home as you may think. Give us a call at Design Basics and let us help you examine your choices. You may find you actually save money by building new.