October 5th, 2018


Proper maintenance of your roof can save you money. Regular roof cleaning can prevent potential decay that can lead to expensive repairs or an even costlier replacement in the future. You might be tempted to avoid roof cleaning or to do it yourself, but hiring professional cleaners who are trained to clean your roof properly can ensure that your roof continues to function properly and last longer.

Five Reasons To Hire Professional Roof Cleaning

1) Roof cleaning is not an easy job

The entire process of cleaning a roof is a difficult job. You must have the right chemicals and equipment to ensure that the job is done successfully. Using the wrong products can result in extensive damage to your roof and home. Hiring professionals will ensure that everything used to clean your roof is strong enough to get the job done and safe enough to extend the life of your roof.

2) It is well worth the cost

If you’ve ever thought that cleaning your roof on your own can be cost effective, you’d be mistaken. Paying for professional roof cleaning is much cheaper than paying for repairs if something goes wrong, or medical bills if you get injured while cleaning it. It also saves you from replacing the roof completely as a result of neglect.

3) Algae can be damaging

There is nothing that is as aesthetically unappealing as the sight of algae on the roof. Algae is a living thing; it lives and feeds off of the limestone filler that’s used in shingle production. Algae might not cause immediate damage, but it can lead to deterioration and take years off the lifespan of your roof if not removed properly.

4) You’ll save money in many areas

Not cleaning your roof regularly can have a negative effect on both the roof and your home. Regular roof cleaning will protect your shingles and keep you from needing a costly roof replacement earlier than expected. It can also lower the home’s energy efficiency causing a massive increase in air conditioning bills as clean shingles help block UV rays.

5) Professionals know what to look for

Some homeowners look at the roof and decide that their roof is clean if they do not see any algae. This can be a costly mistake. Algae is invisible to the naked eye in its early stages, so you might not actually see it growing. The earlier you catch the growth, the better off you’ll be. A professional cleaning service will inspect your roof to avoid any unexpected future problems.

A Most Important Task

Roof cleaning is one of the most important home maintenance tasks that can be done. It’s a cost-effective way to extend the life of your shingles and roof. Don’t risk getting hurt by doing it yourself. Hire a professional who knows the right products and equipment to use to ensure a thorough and successful cleaning.