September 25th, 2019

Water Damage

The most useful tool after good waterproof work boots was my wheelbarrow. This tool with my flat-nosed shovel was extremely useful for loading up all the wet, soggy materials and hauling it outside.

The next most useful tool was my pry-bar and hammer. These were necessary for prying up flooring, pulling nails, pulling material from the wood framing etc.


Other Useful Tools

Utility knives, drywall saws, chalk line, lanterns and lighting, garbage bags, 5-gallon buckets, a wide stiff push-broom, powered screwdriver, channel lock pliers, kneepads, tape measure, tin snips or cutters, duct tape.


Safety Gear

Necessary safety gear is a good facemask for filtering dust and mold from the air. We were told to use N95 rated masks and they worked well.

Always wear or use appropriate safety equipment. This may include eye protection, N-95 or higher respirators or masks, gloves, heavy or waterproof boots, long pants and shirts, face protection 


Be sure that the Electricity, Gas, and Water are shut off before starting any work.


Eye Protection

A good pair of safety glasses with side coverage and protection are advised. Wet materials can splash into the face and you will need your eyes to be shielded from debris.

Waterproof gloves. These can be nylon or rubber inserts to work gloves and they do work alright. Just be prepared to remove them periodically and let your hand dry out occasionally.

Waterproof boots. These just need to be sturdy enough to protect your feet and keep them dry. They should be reasonably resistant to punctures by nails, glass, metal, etc.


Another Safety Tip

It’s best to keep skin exposure to the organic waste in these areas to a minimum. Long pants with sturdy fabric like denim are a good choice. Shirts can be light as many work areas are very warm, so a t-shirt is what most folks wear. The idea is to reduce exposure of skin, that might get scratched and scraped, to organic waste.


After the Job

After working, wash your hands with sanitizer or soap before eating. Wash clothing separately in hot water and consider using bleach or adding a cup of vinegar to your laundry load.

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