September 10th, 2018

Water Filtration

This isn’t a question that anyone before the latter half of the 20th century really had to ask. But in 21st century America, this is both a legitimate and often worrying question. Just how much water are your children drinking on a regular basis? Are they actually getting enough?

Water Is Life

Everybody needs water in order to function; this is a medical fact of life. But kids in particular actually require more water than adults. Why is that? Part of the reason is that children are still maturing and thus require more internal resources for growth, compared to mature adults who no longer have the same requirement of keeping enough “fuel” available not just to get through the day, but also have enough to get taller and stronger. As a result, kids have a higher percentage of their body made up of water compared to an adult, who average about 60%.

But why is water so important? There are a number of different reasons:

Lubrication: Water is the basic component of lubricating liquids in our body such as the synovial fluids between bones that allow for smooth, precise movement.

Temperature: Nothing carries heat, or dissipates it like water, which is why water is an essential part of body temperature regulation.

Health: Water is also a prime component in distributing nutrients throughout the body. Not enough water can mean inefficiencies in nutrient delivery.

Detoxification: Water also carries away waste, which is why it is the chief component in urine and fecal waste as well.

Skin Condition: Dry skin is itchy, unhealthy and uncomfortable skin, but skin properly moistened by water looks and feels good.

Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, which, if unaddressed, can lead to illness and eventually death. This is why it’s important to make sure that children are getting the water they need on a daily basis.

The First World Danger

The biggest issue for children in the first world is that there are so many alternatives to plain old water that it’s easy to forget about getting enough. After all, soft drinks, juices and other beverages like milk are all wet, and therefore must have some water in them. So as long as kids are drinking something wet, they’re getting water, right?

However, it is all the additives in addition to water, that sap the pure, healthy benefits of drinking pure, plain old water. Soft drinks with huge amounts of sugar, for example, significantly increase the risk of cavities in the mouth, requiring dental treatment. More seriously, however, is that soft drinks have a high-calorie count, versus the ZERO calories of water. In fact, soft drinks are regularly cited as one of the most significant contributors to obesity in both children and adults in America. Drinks with too many additives can affect blood pressure, and even raise the chances of diabetes.

Try to encourage your children to drink a glass of water several times a day; upon waking up, at bedtime, with every meal, and even just before bathing. It will make a big difference to their overall health and a high quality water filtration system can help!

Carolina Fresh Water

2303 W Meadowview Rd., Suite 101, Greensboro, NC 27407 888-434-1187
Carolina Fresh Water, a completely Greensboro owned and operated water filter company. Carolina Fresh Water offers a wide range of water filters, water purifiers, water filter cartridges and filtration systems for your residential home, or commercial properties. Carolina Fresh Water has over 25 years experience in the water filtration industry with industrial, commercial and residential systems giving us an vast array of knowledge and expertise.

Rosa Romero

Our family is enjoying the Carolina Fresh Water filtration system, even our pets are enjoying the benefits. Mr. Steve White came by on November 2, 2018 and tested our water. He took the time to explain in details his findings and the benefits of purchasing the specific filtration system for our needs. All the expectations Mr. Steve W. set have been met so far. The very next day as he advised arrived Mr. Jeff to installed the system and explain how to maintain it This system is very easy to maintain. The water tastes amazing (so does my freshly brewed coffee). On that following Monday, Ms. Alyssa arrived to help us set up our product orders that are included with package we purchased. Mr. Steve W. and his coworkers made this experience and process a real smooth one. I highly recommend it!


Sina Khodaie

My review consists of three aspects of what this company offers: 1- Fresh water system ( 5 STARS), the system works well (at least after a week!) and I will periodically update on that. cleans the water well. water is truly purified and feels nice on the skin. The plumber was fast and efficient. 2- The sales pitch (3 STARS). The salesman coming to our house (Robert) was a nice person. But he was a bit pushy (which is common in sales business!) and didn't explain the finance option completely. 3- The saving products: Americana shopper (1 STAR). We logged in the system, checked the coupons, 1st you need to know that you have to PAY for the coupons and a 10% processing fee for the coupons. So their 25% guarantee is true if you buy mostly junk food! A family that cares for their water quality usually would not go after most of the items offered through this system. We are still waiting on the natural cleaning products. Crossing fingers that one might be better than their coupons! Overall, I think it is a bit overpriced. But I hope their services justify the really high cost for this system.


Julie Mattice

Our family loves Carolina Fresh Water. My son loved watching the "science experiment" of testing our water. It was definitely eye opening to physically see how dirty our drinking water was. We love our reverse osmosis system and our water softener, we have seen a big change. The installation was great, the installer did a fantastic job.


Seth Stokes

I am very happy with my new water filtration system! I've had it about two months now.The water is very clean and spot free. It is much better than without one. Everyone that I was involved with from testing my water to installing my system to customer service was very professional and very nice!!! I highly recommend this system from Carolina Fresh Water to everyone!!! If you want clean,soft, safe and better water this is the way to go!!! It is a little expensive but worth it! I love my new water!!!


David Worswick

They were awesome. Very friendly and sociable people. Very knowledgeable and explained everything well. Water feels and tastes so much better. Would highly recommend using this company.


Kennis B.

I had searched water filter systems on the Internet. I was contacted by Carolina Fresh Water and arranged an in home presentation. I was aware I had some...


Michael M.

The only good thing I have to say is that the salesman was professional, personable, and on time. Although the product itself seems like it really could...


Simona S.

I really wish I would have read the reviews on this company before spending well over $7000 on a new system 3 years ago. This is the kind of water I bathe...


Jeremy Alsop

Love our CFW filtration system! Water tastes great. Well worth the investment to know you're drinking super clean, pure water!


Beckie Rivera

Your service young man Brandon came today to service our water system & he was extremely polite & worked swiftly. Thank u for your service.


M.j. West

Duplin County has a lot of hog and chicken houses. God only knows what is in the water. Extremely hard and stinky. With our new water softener, that’s all gone. No more itchy skin. Sweet water and easy to maintain system. Love our water now!


Craig Belsinger

great company and great water. taste is excellent glad to be part of CFW!!


David Worswick

The water feels cleaner, tastes better, staff was very friendly and they work with you to get started. highly recommend.


Jessica Bean Jenkins

guys were very nice and extremely knowledgeable. gonna let all my friends and fam know about yall


Pam Kerley Sheppard

Brandon Byerly did an awesome job


Melody Main Smith

Staff is very friendly and helpful. Would recommend. The difference in the water is very noticeable. We are loving it!


Amanda Konko

Everything went great with the set up. We are looking forward to getting the extra products! Have noticed a major difference in taste of water. Highly recommend!


Kim Strong

Me and my Husband Lamont watts love the water! Feels good when I take a shower and the taste is even better!


Maegen Price Mahoney

The service was excellent and the staff were very friendly. Happy with our clean water!


Lori Anna Calvert

Wow! Talk about top notch...these technicians know their “stuff”! Jeremy, Robert & Brandon went above and beyond doing an excellent install plus explaining the entire system in depth. They have the best customer service skills and felt like family by the time they left. I’m so excited about my new water system!! I cannot wait to report my instant results soon!! ☺️


Darnell Alsbrooks

Lean a lot of new stuff about the water help my family understand what is in our water show us a lot off hand on Demonstrations and samples


Rashawn Grissom Meekins

Bobby Heumann was excellent!!! His demonstration was very professional and he even included the chikdren in on it. We learned a lot from him about water. We are getting out sysytem installed today, but we are excited to see the difference it makes in our home.


Vinny Montas

Josh was the sale rep who came to our house and he was Amazing. Super friendly, very confident, and you could tell he was passionate about what he does. After he showed up how disgusting the water we were drinking and after all the demonstrations on how different and clean Carolina fresh Water was, we just had to have it. We have only had it for about two weeks now and already we have notice a difference in our skin, clothes, and food. Im so glad that we made the choice to get this water system in our home.


Lauren Howell

Bobby did amazing during his demonstration and won us over. Our installers Robbie and Noah came today and quickly got to work. They were very professional and after testing our water again, we are confident we are in good hands with Carolina Fresh Water. Thanks again for their service


Amy Lord Harkey

The salesman, installation man and follow up were all excellent, professional and were informative without being pushy. we are very pleased with our new whole home system and the change of water quality. it is great not to have bottled water anymore. Thank you. Keith and Amy


Bec A Briggs

We had our water tested and were horrified with the results. they came out and installed a new filtration system the next day and we couldn't be happier with our delicious water now. Thank you for being so professional and friendly. We have made some lifelong friends. We sure are enjoying our new water. Thank you You are all AWESOME !!!


Shayna Traveler

Have had system for 3+ months now. I was a huge skeptic at first but knew I had to do something my water was so bad. I am thrilled at the difference now. No more crappy tasting well water; no more sediment; no more film on my kitchen ware; sinks; faucets and as incredible as it sounds I have amazingly soft hair now. I'm 75 years old; have pure white hair and it's always been like straw. Now it silky, soft; fly away and the only change has been my water. Amazing. All parties I have dealt with were so friendly and helpful. I have only one complaint. The cost of this system is over the top. Also as a good customer service I think Carolina Water could provide a financing company that doesn't gouge the customer.


Casey Pfortmiller

We just had a complete system installed in our home and we love it! My water doesn't taste funny anymore and my wife loves how the soap lathers up and leaves her hair and skin feeling so much better than it ever did! We love it and highly recommend it!


Angela Robinson

love love love our Carolina fresh water system! I no longer have to lug water bottles in the house for my family to have good water. very happy customer here. Thank you to AJ Leonard and Elizabeth for recommending Carolina Fesh Water to us


Tina Lee Brooman

We recently had the water filtration system installed and are loving it. The equipment is great quality, as is our water now. I didn't think there would be a huge difference in our water because our ph was only off half a point, but the taste difference is huge! I love drinking our water now. The second huge difference I noticed was that my hair feels much softer coming out of the shower. I absolutely recommend it. Plus the interest rates for the loans are low so you don't have to pay for it all up front. So glad we did it.


Priscilla Pena

I love having filtered clean fresh water! i love cooking with it and i definitely recommend it!


Michelle McGurrin

I am not easily swayed but after a couple weeks of having this new water in our home without a doubt I have noticed a big change . skin is softer and feeling so much better knowing I am drinking clean water. just the relief of knowing my kids and pets are drinking good water is worth the investment but the extra bonus's are great. well worth it


Johnny Kidwell

Had Carolina fresh water installed in our home and we are happy with everything. Our water tastes better and cleans better. Everyone was supper nice and easy to talk to. Love everything they provide.


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