September 10th, 2018

Water Filtration

This isn’t a question that anyone before the latter half of the 20th century really had to ask. But in 21st century America, this is both a legitimate and often worrying question. Just how much water are your children drinking on a regular basis? Are they actually getting enough?

Water Is Life

Everybody needs water in order to function; this is a medical fact of life. But kids in particular actually require more water than adults. Why is that? Part of the reason is that children are still maturing and thus require more internal resources for growth, compared to mature adults who no longer have the same requirement of keeping enough “fuel” available not just to get through the day, but also have enough to get taller and stronger. As a result, kids have a higher percentage of their body made up of water compared to an adult, who average about 60%.

But why is water so important? There are a number of different reasons:

Lubrication: Water is the basic component of lubricating liquids in our body such as the synovial fluids between bones that allow for smooth, precise movement.

Temperature: Nothing carries heat, or dissipates it like water, which is why water is an essential part of body temperature regulation.

Health: Water is also a prime component in distributing nutrients throughout the body. Not enough water can mean inefficiencies in nutrient delivery.

Detoxification: Water also carries away waste, which is why it is the chief component in urine and fecal waste as well.

Skin Condition: Dry skin is itchy, unhealthy and uncomfortable skin, but skin properly moistened by water looks and feels good.

Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, which, if unaddressed, can lead to illness and eventually death. This is why it’s important to make sure that children are getting the water they need on a daily basis.

The First World Danger

The biggest issue for children in the first world is that there are so many alternatives to plain old water that it’s easy to forget about getting enough. After all, soft drinks, juices and other beverages like milk are all wet, and therefore must have some water in them. So as long as kids are drinking something wet, they’re getting water, right?

However, it is all the additives in addition to water, that sap the pure, healthy benefits of drinking pure, plain old water. Soft drinks with huge amounts of sugar, for example, significantly increase the risk of cavities in the mouth, requiring dental treatment. More seriously, however, is that soft drinks have a high-calorie count, versus the ZERO calories of water. In fact, soft drinks are regularly cited as one of the most significant contributors to obesity in both children and adults in America. Drinks with too many additives can affect blood pressure, and even raise the chances of diabetes.

Try to encourage your children to drink a glass of water several times a day; upon waking up, at bedtime, with every meal, and even just before bathing. It will make a big difference to their overall health and a high quality water filtration system can help!

Carolina Fresh Water

2303 W Meadowview Rd., Suite 101, Greensboro, NC 27407 888-434-1187
Carolina Fresh Water, a completely Greensboro owned and operated water filter company. Carolina Fresh Water offers a wide range of water filters, water purifiers, water filter cartridges and filtration systems for your residential home, or commercial properties. Carolina Fresh Water has over 25 years experience in the water filtration industry with industrial, commercial and residential systems giving us an vast array of knowledge and expertise.

James Trant

The new system is such an improvement over our well water. There is no more water staining in the toilets or tubs. The dishes are coming out cleaner. The water tastes great and all the sulfur smells are gone. An overall great investment.


Matthew May

Very shady place to work for coming from a former employee very shady place to do business with lies from start to finish. Would not recommend to anybody also the scheduling department was awful it's okay for them to cost the company money when doing the scheduling because obviously they cannot schedule accordingly with that being said they lose the service for that day or the customer cancels and they never get the service done which interns cost the company money since the owner is such a greedy numbers guyI know that in business sometimes you have to tell Little White lies but this company lies from start to finish and the customer service is just horrible seen all this with in the duration that I work there


Cathy Bartee-Booker

My family and I had the pleasure of having Guy come in a do our consultation. Guy was amazing with his presentation. Very hands on with us, especially our children. We were with him every step to ensure this was not a "gimmick". What sold me was providing him a washcloth that was washed and put away 3 days before he came in, and the amount of soap that was left in the water blew me. Our showers and laundry are much softer and fresher I must say! This is the second greatest investment this year. Our new home and appliances are as thrilled as we are! Thanks Carolina Fresh Water for welcoming us to Winston-Salem


Ashley Ellsworth

I wasted 2 hours listening to their demo, of which i was told would be a quick 10 minute process, to get a $20 gift card. I went to use the card & there was $0 balance. Their product was extremely over priced & the guy wouldn't stop talking. Not impressed with their company


Benson McMoran

One of the worst decisions I ever made was buying a water filtration system from Carolina Freshwater. The product in itself works fine. The sales rep was great and no problems with the installer. The problems are the price and terrible customer service. After purchasing the unit I found out that we paid 300% more (before finance interest) than what similar units were priced at. After 2 years of owning this unit we replaced all of our water lines throughout the entire house and relocated the water softener system. I needed different size adapters to hook the unit back up and I figured it was time to have the unit services anyway so I called Carolina Freshwater. I called 3 times over the course of almost a week and was told the person I needed to talk to (Matt I believe it was) would have to call me back. On the 3rd try I finally spoke to Matt. Matt put me on the schedule for Friday January 17th, 2020 at 3:00 PM which I very specifically remember as I request a Friday service due to my work schedule. Friday rolled around and I never seen or heard from anyone. After calling the office they told me I was scheduled for the following Monday. So I had to leave work early on Monday to meet the service tech. The tech was able to replace the filters on the small unit under the sink but couldn't service the main water softener system because he didn't have the proprietary connectors needed to hook the system back up. The tech made some calls and found the connectors needed but would have to bring them back out another day. I went ahead and paid for the full service $340 and was told they would either be back out the following Friday or would call to schedule another day. Never heard from again. Called and spoke to Matt again 3 weeks later. Matt said he was going to call the tech and get some information then call me back. A week has passed and I haven't heard from good ole Matt. I guess they can keep the $340 and kiss my you know what! I will never ask them for anything ever again and when this system breaks down I will trash it and buy one from Lowes Hardware or Amazon.


Kennis B.

I had searched water filter systems on the Internet. I was contacted by Carolina Fresh Water and arranged an in home presentation. I was aware I had some...


Shannon B.

I'd like to say I've had Carolina fresh water system for over a year now and yes, I feel my water is better, however I received a call requiring they come...


Simona S.

I really wish I would have read the reviews on this company before spending well over $7000 on a new system 3 years ago. This is the kind of water I bathe...


Richie Athay

my name is Richard Athay and my wife Kimberly Click had the whole house water treatment system and the reverse osmosis system for the kitchen installed it's been a month now and the difference is amazing. No more hard water strains, the cloths feel cleaner, no more water spots on the cars, and the reverse osmosis water for drinking and cooking is amazing. Installation took a little longer but that was my faught, we hand the well bladder and the whole system moved to the garage for ease of care. Tyler Mikelaites was the installer and his work is amazing, attention to detail was on point and he was very knowledgeable and explained everything to us during and after installation. I would recommend this system to everyone


Mary Isley Nicholson

We love our water system, it is great not having to buy bottle water! Alise S. was great and is very knowledgeable about the system. Tyler was very professional with the installation.


Mark Rhem

I just bought my in home water. unit and the water taste as clean as can be it is truly fresh I highly recommend this for any one who is looking to be healthy!!!


Brian Dixon

From the in-home water testing to the filter system installation, everyone I encountered was very professional. They were willing to answer all of my questions, listen to my concerns, and explain every aspect of the system. Great customer service and exceptional people to deal with.


Kelly Heffelfinger

I am still happy with my water system you installed 2 yrs ago. I had my filters changed and unit serviced by Matthw M. He is very nice, friendly, honest. I felt like I already knew him. Thank you Matt M. 😊


Deborah Leithead Dobbins

The service we received was impeccable. Our water was tested and we were allowed time to ask questions. Set up of our water filtration system took place a week later and set up was uneventful. We have enjoyed the water filtration system. We all have noticed a marked improvement in our water quality in just a few days. We have been recommending your water filtration system to everyone.


Melinda Johnson

we got this system a couple of months ago. we have started to notice an improvement in our hair texture after shampooing. the taste of the water is amazing


Kimberly Gould Herron

From the people to the equipment it is all around great quality. Our sales rep was friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. The plumbers/installers were patient, friendly and worked hard. They stayed until the job was complete. (We ran into multiple problems on our end and they hung in their with us! Not everyone would have done that.) The follow up rep was friendly and efficient and drove several hours to meet me at my house after work. Extremely awesome company. My water has never been better.


Lura Hunter- McKegney

So impressed with this water. Gets all the junk out of our real water. Jackson Bordeaux is the water tech and he was great..... highly recommend . I can give you his contact info if you would like. Installed by Tyler M and he was great. Feel free if you want to contact me for further recommendations


Regina Blankenship

I would like to say that getting the Carolina Fresh water system was the best thing for our family. I can honestly tell the difference on my skin. The customer service and installation teams were great and very friendly. I will be recommending Carolina Fresh water to all my friends.


Cathy Booker

Our experience with Carolina Fresh Water has been amazing. Each individual that came out knew the product very well. To me, that is excellent customer service. When I take interest in a product or service, I don’t want a just a salesman, I want someone who have and has experienced the product and service itself. The staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable. Guy, Alise and David were great! We’ve noticed the water was softer, laundry is fresher and the drinking water is perfect, even our dogs love it!


Larry Lee Carter

Carolina Fresh Water provided us with excellent customer service! They answered all of our questions and the installation went quickly without any issues.


Cindi Flippen Ritter

we had the water system installed in our home yesterday, I'm stoked after it was installed we had to purge all old water from our pipes in the home what a shock we installed a new hot water heater less than 4 months ago and with two complete flushes of the hot water I was still getting dirt in the bottom of my sinks and tub unreal I'm super excited about everything I didn't want in my water was there but, is now being removed really excited to reduce the cleaning supplies needed for personal hygiene and home.


Carroll Archer

Caroline Fresh Water did a great job testing, explaining the problem with our well water and installing our new water treatment system. Now we have great water.


Karin Fullington

Matthew M. came out to service our system, and he was so personable and professional. Great guy who I enjoyed talking with. No one showed up during my latest scheduled visit (which wasn’t Matthew), so it was nice when he showed up on time.


Tema Hall Banner

Just had our system installed by Tyler Mikelaites, he was friendly, professional and and answered all our questions. We are excited to have pure water for drinking and cleaning. We were amazed by the presentation and all that we learned. If you're considering a water filtration system, I would definitely recommend Carolina Fresh Water.


Sue Belford

the soft water is great for your skin the drinking water tastes clean


Daniel DeVore

I never realized how bad my water was until they installed my whole home water filtration system. Although the sales method is a little odd for this company, everyone I had contact with was great! From the sales to the installation, the they all seemed customer focused and professional.


Jay Horne

Out service technician Matthew came out today for our first yearly inspection, replaced a few filters and really checked over our whole system to make sure our levels were proper. The company is standing behind their yearly inspection quote and we feel confident that we made the right choice. Our water is fresh and tastes good and we feel safer for us all and our guests! We feel thankful that Carolina Fresh Water stands behind their promises and yearly rates and will continue to recommend this company to anyone who has problems with their water purity! We were impressed to learn that several large companies around are also depending on Carolina Fresh Water Systems to protect their employees and customers.


Erica Mullis Carpenter

Carolina Fresh Water has awesome water filtration systems that make your water taste great & leave your feeling fabulous! We are so happy with our system! Thanks!


Lee Blackwell

Great Service, great product, and great water. Recommend to all my military friends!!!


Marie Duke

The folks at Carolina Fresh Water have been wonderful. From the very first assessment to today, everyone has been helpful and explained everything so that we understood what the system was to do and why it would be beneficial. They were not our first quote, but they had the best financing plan and were very helpful. Our water quality is 1000x better.


Cetoshia Alexander

I haven't bought the bottle of water yet but I love how they set up the system and they walk the steps and yes I would recommend anyone to go to these people they r good people


Liz Bending

Had our water system installed about 60 days ago and couldn't be happier! No more buying bottled water, we are using less laundry detergent, and showers are much nicer with soft water. I would highly recommend this system!


Ladonna Capps Lassiter

Carolina Fresh Water probably helped save us from developing cancer or something else equally bad from our severely contaminated water. They have been absolutely the best team to work with. Everyone has been not only extremely helpful and knowledgeable but also the nicest team to work with that we’ve ever dealt with. It has truly been a pleasure.


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